Advisor-HR Capacity Building 2023-2024

By | July 6, 2022

Advisor-HR Capacity Building 2023-2024

Advisor-HR Capacity Building 2023-2024

Advisor-HR Capacity Building 

Advisor-HR Capacity Building 2023-2024

If you are seeking a job as an Advisor-HR Capacity Building, the document below will guide you through the steps needed to find and apply for such jobs, and provide tips on how to make sure you are hired.

Advisor-HR Capacity Building 2023-2024


JOB TITLE: Advisor: HR and Capacity Building


  • This position, which reports to the Senior Advisor: HR, LR, and Dispute Resolution, will coordinate skill development and training for councilors and municipal officials as well as generalist HR advice and support. It will also monitor legislative, policy, and procedural compliance in municipalities to strengthen institutional capacity and governance in municipalities and to address municipal and capacity challenges.

The Candidate Profile

  • Strong managerial abilities; ability to influence and manage stakeholders.
    making choices and exercising good judgment.
    talents in analysis and problem-solving.
    a vibrant, driven someone who is very emotionally mature.
    high moral character.

Formal credentials:

  • a degree in human resources development or management, or another related qualification.
  • six years minimum of experience, preferably in the public sector.
  • a minimum of three years of experience in skill development
  • and three years of relevant experience, at least one of which must have been at an equal level within a medium-sized or large organization;
  • Having a current driver’s license and traveling frequently
  • shows a thorough awareness of local government concerns and matters related to the area of specialization.
  • Knowledge of the industry and an awareness of the policy, legal, and regulatory structures that control it, particularly those that relate to the LG Sector
  • It’s crucial to have the ability to manage in a broad range of environments.

Key Portfolio and Performance Focus Areas

Generalist HR Services:

  • Municipalities should review and improve their HR policy Frameworks;
    help members manage the flow of HR information and assist in the establishment and enhancement of HR systems, processes, and procedures;
    increase the efficacy of HR systems and the precision of HR MIS;
    facilitate and oversee the execution of HR strategy and actions while providing practical assistance and ongoing progress monitoring;
    support municipal general appointment procedures;
    encourage municipalities to undertake PMS interventions;
    help internal HR units make the shift from transactional HR services to becoming strategic partners by facilitating the modernization of internal HR procedures, technology, and information flows;
    Complete any logical work inside the HR Space.

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