air arabia careers 2023-2024

By | June 27, 2022

air arabia careers 2023-2024

air arabia careers 2023-2024

air arabia careersĀ 

air arabia careers 2023-2024

F & G Sourcing Specialist

Imports Controller -Sea and Air Freight – Durban (Clearing and Forwarding)

  • Permanent
  • Full Time
  • R15 000 – R25 000 per Month


Currently, our Freight client in Morningside, Durban, is seeking an Imports Controller (Sea and Road).
The main performance indicators, responsibilities, and anticipated outcomes

1. Administration

  • Documents received; shipping instructions received.
  • Keeping track of and responding to documents and requests from clients and head office.
  • timely requests for original papers.
  • Make sure all customer documents are delivered on time and prepare and complete each file for billing.
  • ensuring that invoices for files are issued in accordance with rate profiles.
  • Giving suppliers purchase orders.
  • in order to aid in any logistical calculations for import shipments.
  • Keep a record of all rate requests.
  • Use a system for quoting and save all quotes online for quick access.
  • Before mailing, get the department manager to approve the quotes.
  • Set priorities for each request and multitask.
  • any extra tasks that Management decides are necessary.

2. Customer Service / Reporting (Internal & External)

  • Follow up on all client deliveries, consistently meet and surpass client expectations, and maintain electronic and telephone contact.
  • To all Customers, daily status reports will be given.
  • updating and effectively communicating with all clients (internal and external), and consistently offering exceptional service.
  • Create and maintain connections with all clients.
  • predicting monthly client needs.

3. Import Management

  • cargo registration on Compu-Clearing.
  • soliciting SOB details
  • asking for the shipping line fees.
  • confirming that every shipping line charge is accurate and approved for payment.
  • coordinating with providers of third-party services.
  • Cargo dues submission through ports online
  • processing of GSP, EUR1, SADC, and Certificate Of Origins certificates.
  • understanding of bulk and break-bulk shipments.
  • Taking care of delivery and forwarding orders after landing.
  • Releases from the Port Health & Plant Inspector.
  • the delivery of pertinent paperwork to the shipping lines for publication and Navis updating.
  • Understanding of the Prohibited and Restricted Goods section of the Import Control Act
  • filing import permits with the appropriate departments
  • to keep up with developments in the industry.


F & G Sourcing SpecialistMitch Candey
Shop 1, 484 Marine Drive, Brighton Beach
4052 Bluff
Tel.: 0314661621

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