Civilian Secretariat for Police

By | June 15, 2022

Civilian Secretariat for Police

Civilian Secretariat for Police


Civilian Secretariat for Police

Civilian Secretariat for Police

The Civilian Secretariat for Police Service (‘the Civilian Secretariat’) acts as a technical advisor to the Minister of Police (‘the Minister’) in order to demonstrate a transversal civilian oversight competence over the South African Police Service’s governance, service delivery, and resourcing. The Civilian Secretariat provides advice on a wide range of issues, including departmental policy and strategy, law, and police performance through audits, communication, community mobilization for crime prevention, the Integrated Justice System, and international commitments and relations.

In terms of reporting, the Secretary for Police Service, as Head of the Civilian Secretariat, is responsible to both the Minister and Parliament.

For the purpose of maintaining effective and efficient policing and a high standard of professional ethics in the Police Service, the Civilian Secretariat exerts its authority and performs its tasks without fear, favor, or prejudice.

  • Full details of training, credentials, skills, competencies, knowledge, and experience (on a separate sheet if necessary or a CV) should be provided to the department/administration where the vacancy/vacancies exist (s).
  • In their submissions, applicants must include the vacancy’s reference number.
  • Applicants seeking additional information about an advertised position should contact the department where the opening is located.
  • Those should be sent to the advertising department as soon as possible since applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

The following positions are available at the Police Secretariat:

Date Published Description Closing Date
2022-05-27 Adverts for Department of Civilian Secretariat for Police Service May 2022 2022-06-03
2022-04-06 Advert for Secretary for Police Service March 2022 2022-04-08
2022-04-06 Adverts for March 2022 2022-04-08
2022-02-21 Human Resource Clerks (6 Months Contract) 2022-03-04
2022-02-02 Personal Assistant to the Chief Director: Legislation 2022-02-11
2022-01-21 Vacancies for January 2022 2022-02-04
2021-11-05 Vacancies for November 2021 2021-11-12
2021-10-26 Advertisement for the Post of Provincial Head – IPID KZN 2021-10-29
2021-07-22 Adverts for Civilian Secretariat for Police Service 2021-08-20
2019-04-03 Vacancies 2019-04-12
2018-11-01 Deputy Director: Specialist Investigator 2018-11-09
2018-06-28 Vacancies 2018-07-06
2018-05-21 Senior Administrative Clerk 2018-06-01
2018-04-24 Application for Appointment in an Advertised Senior Management Post (Form) 2018-05-07
2018-04-24 National Head: Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) (Re-Advertisement) 2018-05-07
2018-02-26 Internship: Internal Audit and Risk Management 2018-03-09

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