does unisa offer full time courses 2024-2025

By | August 25, 2022

does unisa offer full time courses 2024-2025

does unisa offer full time courses 2024-2025

does unisa offer full time courses 2024-2025

Learn about unisa full time courses.

  • For many years, Unisa served as a residence for people pursuing degrees and diplomas part-time while working throughout the day. They returned their assignments back using the same method by which they had obtained their study materials. A growing number of younger matriculants who couldn’t attend a full-time university are now studying full-time at Unisa among the 407 000 students enrolled at the university. What does this mean for the oldest distance learning university in the world, though?
  • Older students have utilized Unisa as a part-time institution for many decades, enabling them to complete degree requirements or continue their education while working. But a lot has changed in the last several years.
  • Over 400 000 students have signed up for short courses and degree programs at Unisa, the largest correspondence university in the world.
  • It served as a residence for those who wanted to work and study part-time for many years, enabling them to complete their readings and essays when they arrived home from work.
  • Others who hadn’t finished their degree and needed to take a few more courses to earn their full degree had the opportunity thanks to Unisa.
  • All of that has altered in the last few years, with the NSFAS bursaries considerably expanding and a large number of matriculants graduating with bachelor’s degrees and NSFAS funding but without a spot at a full-time institution. They decided that enrolling in Unisa was their best remaining choice.
  • As a result, the number of young, full-time students pursuing degrees at Unisa has increased. Although it was never intended for this to happen and there were no mechanisms in place to serve this new type of student, it might be a solution to the shortage issue at full-time universities.
  • At Unisa, there are currently 407 759 enrolled students, making it “too huge to fail,” according to Minister Blade Nzimande.
  • It has been dubbed “mission drift” that this change in the demographics of students and the manner in which they are studying occurred naturally without a strategy.
  • The Minister has now disclosed that he has established a Ministerial Task Team to investigate the existing circumstances at the university and develop a future plan.

UNISA Courses

Unisa has a lot to offer, and there are eight colleges to pick from. These are the eight colleges:

  • The College of Accounting Sciences (CAS), which is recognized by local and worldwide professional financial organizations, offers a number of degrees that are extremely helpful.
  • The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES), which places a strong emphasis on education and training in food production, will instruct you on how to use and manage Africa’s natural resources moving forward.
  • The College of Economic and Management Sciences (CEMS) is the premier institution of higher learning for business in all of Africa.
  • About half of the educators and instructors in South Africa receive their professional training from the College of Education (CEDU).
  • College of Graduate Studies: This institution increases the number of postgraduate students in the nation while also giving them the tools they need to boost their academic performance.
  • The College of Human Sciences (CHS) offers high-caliber degrees with a focus on religion, theology, humanities, social sciences, and the arts.
  • College of Law (CLAW): This institution offers professional certifications that are career-oriented while educating students for a career in the legal profession.
  • The College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (CSET) prepares students for whichever field they decide to pursue by providing Unisa IT courses in addition to other credentials in these fields.

If you’re thinking about enrolling at Unisa, know that this university is more than capable of assisting you in reaching your professional objectives. Continue reading to discover more about Unisa’s course options, including details about Unisa diplomas, undergraduate degrees, and postgraduate programs.

Unisa certificate courses:

If you are thinking about enrolling at Unisa, the certificate programs they offer are listed below alphabetically, starting with higher certificates:

  • Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences
  • Higher Certificate in Adult Basic Education & Training
  • Higher Certificate in Animal Welfare
  • Higher Certificate in Archives & Records Management
  • Higher Certificate in Banking
  • Higher Certificate in Criminal Justice
  • Higher Certificate in Economics & Management Sciences
  • Higher Certificate in Education
  • Higher Certificate in Insurance
  • Higher Certificate in Law
  • Higher Certificate in Life & Environmental Sciences
  • Higher Certificate in Marketing
  • Higher Certificate in Retailing
  • Higher Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work
  • Higher Certificate in Supervisory Management
  • Higher Certificate in Tourism Management

They also provide the following advanced certificate:

  • Advanced Certificate in Accounting Science

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