Employment and Labour

By | June 15, 2022

Employment and Labour

Employment and Labour

Employment and Labour

Employment and Labour


  • Through a set of policies and programs created in conjunction with social partners, the Department of Employment and Labor will play a vital role in reducing unemployment, poverty, and inequality. Increased economic productivity and efficiency
    the creation of jobs
  • Good working conditions
  • Inequality and prejudice in the workplace must be eliminated.
  • Getting rid of poverty in the workplace


  • The Department of Employment and Labor will aim to create an environment that encourages investment, economic growth, job creation, and decent work.


Ref No
Closing Date
More Details
Vacancy Status
Ref No: HR4/4/6/100 6/27/2022 Employer Service Coordinator Open
Ref No HR 4/22/06/11HO 6/27/2022 Assistant Director: Policy Research and Monitoring Open
Ref No: HR HR 4/4/8/39 6/27/2022 Assistant Director COID Statutory Services Open
Ref No: 4/4/8/41 6/27/2022 Assistant Director: Statutory Services Open
Ref No: HR4/4/6/102 6/27/2022 Senior Administration Officer: Beneficiary Services Open
Ref No: HR4/4/4/11/13 6/27/2022 Senior State Accountant Open
Ref No. HR4/4/7/85 6/27/2022 Team leader Open
Ref No HR4/4/4/05/07 6/27/2022 Senior Fraud Investigator Open
HR 4/4/4/05/06 (1 Post) 6/27/2022 Inspector (3 Posts) Open
Ref No: HR4/4/5/23 6/27/2022 Employer Audit Officer Open
Ref No: HR4/4/5/24 6/27/2022 COID Employer Audit Officer: Open
Ref No: HR4/4/5/21 6/27/2022 Chief Security Officer Open
Ref No: HR4/4/6/105 6/27/2022 Client Service Officer: Open
HR4/4/7/82 (1 post) 6/27/2022 Inspector X2 Posts Open
Ref No Hr 4/4/4/05/08 (X3 Posts) 6/27/2022 Records Administrator: UI Open
HR 4/4/4/05/09(1 post) 6/27/2022 Claims Credit Officer (X3 Posts) Open
Ref No: Hr 4/4/4/05/03 6/27/2022 MSS Administration Clerk Open
Ref No: Hr 4/4/4/05/11 6/27/2022 Personnel Officer Open
Ref No: Hr 4/4/4/05/11 6/27/2022 Administrative Clerk: Management Support Services Open
HR 4/4/4/05/02(1 post) 6/27/2022 Office Aid X 2 Posts Open
HR4/4/10/210 6/21/2022 UI Claims Officer Open
Taung Labour Centre- HR 4/4/10/48 / Botshabelo Labour Centre- HR 4/4/8/672 6/21/2022 Inspector X 2 Posts Open
HR 4/4/8/42 6/21/2022 Office Administrator Open
HR 4/4/8/25 6/21/2022 Employer Audit Service Officer Open
HR 4/4/8/670 6/21/2022 Supervisor Registration Services Open
HR 4/4/8/17 6/21/2022 Assistant Director: Labour Activation Programmes (2 X Posts) Open
HR4/4/7/84 6/21/2022 Assistant Director: Performance Information Management (PIM) Open
HR 4/4/10/45 6/21/2022 Principal Inspector: Employment Equity Open
HR 4/4/8/639 6/21/2022 Disability Manager (Assistant Director: (Occupational Therapy) Open
HR 4/4/8/674 6/21/2022 Deputy Director: Labour Centre Operations Open
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Note: You must use the Application for Employment form to submit your application (Z.83). Please print and complete the form, or find it on this page or at any Public Service Department.

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