genpact careers 2023-2024

By | June 23, 2022

genpact careers 2023-2024

genpact careers 2023-2024

genpact careers 

genpact careers 2023-2024



  • The Director is the primary point of contact for the Head: of Career Development Consulting (CDC), who serves on the department’s senior management team. The ideal applicant will oversee the constant delivery of specialized career development-related services, including events, resources, and tools, to improve employment chances and student achievement while managing the work of the Career Development Consulting group. This work benefits from a combination of long-term understanding of Career Development practice, the quickly changing workplace, and the continual improvement of employability skills that make graduates the preferred recruitment option.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Responsibilities Strategic planning in line with institutional, departmental, and faculty priorities
    • Continual strategic consideration and growth of relationships with a variety of faculty and stakeholder groups; excellent, accountable leadership of the team of career development consultants; design and delivery of high-quality, effective, and innovative career development, information services, and engagement initiatives; and participation in senior management
    • Constant professional and personal development

Desired Experience & Qualification

Requirements for the job
  • familiarity with the tools and systems used for business communication, customer relations, and learning management
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills for physical and virtual platforms and diverse audiences. Experience working collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders and developing relationships at a strategic level. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to multitask, especially under pressure.
  • The benefits of the following are:
  • Knowledge of graduate labor market trends, employer expectations, and the graduate recruitment industry. • NQF 8 or above, in topics directly related to Career Development Consulting practice. • Proven ability to develop strong information management systems and deliver both quantitative and qualitative reports.
  • Upon finished, submit the candidate’s file to the supervisor for approval or signature.
  • Complete all doctors’ HPCSA registrations.
  • Complete all pharmacists’ SPCSA registrations.
  • Post job ads for temporary help (nurses)
  • aid new hires in completing onboarding paperwork
  • For unfinished business, speak with the employees (temporary/permanent).
  • scheduling permanent staff interviews
  • Please be aware that if you do not hear from us within a week following the application deadline, you may assume that your application was unsuccessful.
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