How Do I Unlock NSFAS Wallet 2023-2024

By | May 4, 2022

How Do I Unlock NSFAS Wallet 2023-2024

Nsfas Wallet account blocked

How Do I Unlock NSFAS Wallet 

How Do I Unlock NSFAS Wallet

Students whose NSFAS Wallets have been restricted frequently ask this question. If your wallet is blocked, you won’t be able to log in or use your NSFAS allowances. You can’t do anything with your NSFAS wallet while it’s locked, including resetting passwords.

You can unblock your NSFAS wallet in one of two methods. There are two methods for unblocking NSFAS wallet: using a cell phone or sending an email.

unblocking NSFAS wallet by cell phone.

How Do I Unblock NSFAS Wallet By Cell Phone. Kindly follow the given below step-by-step process to unblock NSFAS wallet with your cell phone.

  1. Please Dial *120*176#
  2. And Click Unlock With OTP
  3. Note, you’ll get a One Time Pin (OTP) notification with the pin code via SMS on your phone
  4. Kindly type in the OTP and enter
  5. You’ll get another SMS notification telling you that your NSFAS wallet is unblocked.

You can log in and reset your NSFAS wallet login details.

unblocking NSFAS wallet by email.

Follow the guide below to unblock your NSFAS wallet via email.

  1. Send an email to NSFAS via
  2. Add a copy of your Identification Documents (ID) with clear resolution to read the information on it (you should send both sides of your ID if you use a Smart Card ID)
  3. Add your ID number in the email
  4. Add your cell phone number and email address
  5. Add your full name and NSFAS wallet username
  6. Add your physical address and/ or your postal address
  7. Add the name of your institution
  8. Write a full description of your email.
  9. Submit your message to NSFAS via the email address

NSFAS will work on your wallet and unblock it for you. You’ll then get an email from NSFAS telling you your NSFAS wallet is now unblocked and you can access it.


For more info visit Nsfas Website

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