Human Settlements

By | June 15, 2022

Human Settlements

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Human Settlements

Human Settlements

With the founding of the National Housing Forum prior to the democratic elections, South Africa’s housing policy began to take shape. This forum was a multi-party non-governmental negotiation body that included 19 members from the private sector, the community, government, development organizations, and political parties that we’re not affiliated with the government at the time.

After the dawn of democracy in 1994, the Department was established. Its origins can be traced back to Kliptown’s adoption of the Freedom Charter in 1956. The phrase that states, “There will be dwellings, security, and comfort,” is the department’s foundation. Access to housing is also a basic human right, according to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (1996), and the government must ensure that an environment is favorable to the progressive realization of the right.

South Africa’s Constitution (Chapter 2: Bill of Rights Housing)

Everyone has the right to live in decent conditions. To accomplish the realization of this right, the state must take acceptable legislative and other actions, within its available resources. There is no one.No one may be evicted from their home or have their home demolished unless a court order is issued after all relevant factors have been considered. No law can allow for arbitrary evictions.

Human Settlements Ombudsman



2.1 Improve the Human Settlements Sector’s openness and transparency
2.2 Boost public trust in the government
2.3 Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government activities in the Human Settlements sector.
2.4 To establish a redress mechanism in the Human Settlements Sector that is easily accessible (as opposed to time-consuming, costly judiciary processes)
2.5 Significantly reduce (and eventually eliminate) the number of complaints about human settlements aimed at:
2.6 Encourage people to exercise their constitutional right to housing.

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