Lecturer / Junior Lecturer in 4IR Advanced Manufacturing (PhD Candidate 2023-2024

By | July 4, 2022

Lecturer / Junior Lecturer in 4IR Advanced Manufacturing (PhD Candidate 2023-2024

Lecturer / Junior Lecturer in 4IR Advanced Manufacturing (PhD Candidate 2023-2024

Lecturer / Junior Lecturer in 4IR Advanced Manufacturing (PhD Candidate 

Lecturer / Junior Lecturer in 4IR Advanced Manufacturing (PhD Candidate 2023-2024

The document below will walk you through the process of looking for and applying for employment as a Lecturer / Junior Lecturer in 4IR Advanced Manufacturing (PhD Candidate) and offer advice on how to increase your chances of getting recruited. In addition to giving you pointers and guidance on how to prepare for the role, we hope that this will help you comprehend what it entails to accept this significant role.

Lecturer / Junior Lecturer in 4IR Advanced Manufacturing (PhD Candidate 2023-2024

Package & Remuneration

Department Description/Departement Beskrywing

Department of Industrial Engineering
Lecturer / Junior Lecturer in 4IR Advanced Manufacturing (PhD Candidate)Ref. ING01/171/0622
  • Leading teaching and research programs are available in a variety of sectors, including advanced manufacturing, at the Department of Industrial Engineering at Stellenbosch University.
  • operations research, systems modeling, data science, and machine learning.
  • With an emphasis on subjects pertaining to manufacturing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), the Department wants to expand its research and training in this rapidly evolving field.
  • 4IR, including advanced manufacturing technologies, smart factories, and value networks made possible by digital technologies like cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things,
  • the Internet of Systems, and things.
  • The Department is seeking candidates for a Lecturer / Junior Lecturer job that has opened up in the Advanced Manufacturing research area.
  • want this post to be filled by a superb applicant.
  • The incumbent’s goal is to specialize in
  • The post is intended to be filled by a female South African citizen who is under 40 years old, BCIA-eligible, or both. The incumbent must sign up for his or her Ph.D. program (part-time)
  • at the earliest opportunity after joining the Department, in the Department of Industrial Engineering (Stellenbosch University).
  • According to the guidelines of the Department of Higher Education’s new Generation of Academics Program (nGAP), the incumbent will be appointed.
  • In order to accept this position, the applicant must enroll in and complete a Ph.D. program at the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).
  • The DHET offers strong support for the position. The appointment must also be read in conjunction with and subject to the requirements established by the DHET.
  • the DHET’s nGAP requirements (see
  • Manufacturing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a professor (4IR).


  • mostly manufacturing and 4IR undergraduate and graduate module teaching and administration;
    overseeing graduate (Master’s) students’ final engineering projects and research in the area of 4IR advanced manufacturing;
    conducting fundamental and/or applied research centered on fields of study pertinent to 4IR advanced manufacturing;
  • developing connections with other universities and working with the department’s current research partners,
  • Industry and government organizations should support the Department’s research and development initiatives in the 4IR advanced manufacturing domains;
  • assuming assistant, manager, and representative positions both inside and outside the Department;
  • self-development as doctoral engineering academic in the subject of 4IR throughout the NGAP period.

Job Requirements/Pos Vereistes

  • Applicable a bachelor’s degree in engineering, as required by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) to be eligible for registration as a professional engineer (usually a BEng or BScEng in Industrial, Mechanical, Mechatronics/Electronics, Metallurgical (Physical), or Materials Engineering);
  • a suitable NQF9 Research-Based Master’s degree in Industrial, Mechanical, Mechatronics/Electronics, Metallurgical, (usually MEng or MScEng) (Physical),

or Materials Engineering from a recognized academic university;

  • Clear verbal and written communication skills in at least English;
    having the ability to instruct classes and modules as part of the standard undergraduate engineering program, as stated in the responsibilities above;
  • a thorough understanding of and expertise in the manufacturing technologies field and/or one or more of the fields related to 4IR as mentioned in the introduction;
  • a successful academic history;
  • good organizational and interpersonal abilities;
  • shown research abilities, as seen, for instance, in a Master’s degree based on research.

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