Maintenance Manager-Midrand 2023-2024

By | July 19, 2022

Maintenance Manager-Midrand 2023-2024

Maintenance Manager-Midrand 2023-2024

Maintenance Manager-Midrand 2023-2024

If you are seeking a job as a Maintenance Manager-Midrand, the document below will guide you through the steps needed to find and apply for such jobs, and provide tips on how to make sure you are hired.

Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure plant equipment performance in order to achieve 90 percent plant availability;

  • Planned maintenance entails planning and carrying out preventative maintenance on existing plants and equipment.
  • Unplanned maintenance: Ensure that equipment breakdowns are handled by Team Leaders and artisans.
  • Following the instructions of the Process Development Manager.
  • Identify, repair, and/or upgrade plant equipment to meet specifications.
  • Create and carry out a preventative maintenance plan to reduce job card requests.
  • Downtime analysis: daily reporting to company management, tracking of the top five causes of downtime, updated monthly to demonstrate progress;
  • Give instruction and direction on all technical aspects of the plant and equipment.
  • Quality control of maintenance department and contractor work;
  • Project work: Implement new plant projects in collaboration with the engineering team.
  • Manage artisans and assistants in order to maintain equipment and meet uptime targets.
  • Working with the Responsible Engineer, ensure that mechanical and electrical machinery installations and operations are in accordance with applicable legislation.

Desired Experience & Qualification

  • BTech, BSc, or BEng in Mechanical, Electrical, or Chemical Engineering
  • ADVANTAGE: Trade-tested artisan
  • Experience in a supervisory role, able to delegate tasks to artisans and assistants and coordinate multiple tasks for plant maintenance.
  • Ten (10) years of hands-on experience operating and maintaining machinery in industries such as smelters, petrochemicals, chemical processes, boilers/power generation, high-temperature furnaces, mining, or power generation.
  • (Process Plant Management)
  • Pumps, fans, conveyors, and rotating equipment are among the primary pieces of equipment.
  • Heavy electrical exposure, such as medium voltage, results in an ADV.
  • Maintenance Planning: Job Card Scheduling, Spares and Resource Planning, Predictive Maintenance Planning Implementation
  • Asset Performance Management includes utilization analysis, breakdown analysis, and human resource performance management.

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