National School of Government

By | June 16, 2022

National School of Government

National School of Government

National School of Government

National School of Government

The National School of Government (NSG) is charged with training and developing public officials in order to achieve the country’s national development goals and thereby assist development, long-term growth, and service delivery. The NSG’s mission is to assist in the development of an effective and professional public service by providing relevant, mandatory, and non-mandated training programs.

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National School of Government Profile
  • The National School of Government (NSG) is charged with ensuring that public officials adhere to established legislation, regulations, and systems and that they are able to use adequate judgment and inventiveness while dealing with routine and complicated delivery issues. For that purpose, the NSG is responsible for ensuring that all government employees participate in and complete education, training, and development initiatives in accordance with appropriate legislation and Cabinet orders. The NSG is also supposed to promote institutional performance in order to ensure service delivery effect. The mandate includes: providing education and training, (ii) supporting institutional growth, (iii) fostering collaboration, (iv) granting qualifications, and (v) conducting training, examinations, or testing on a practical level (pre-requisites). All offerings in the three areas of government are included in the mandate.
  • The (NSG) is guided by the Constitution, specifically Section 195(1) (h), which states that “excellent human resource management and career-development techniques must be promoted to maximize human potential.” The NSG’s capacity to apply these and other values and principles throughout the three domains of government, state organs, and public enterprises demonstrates that it has the necessary depth and reach to fulfill this constitutional duty.
  • Through education, training, and development (ETD) activities, the NSG must ensure that the basic values and principles are instilled in the value system and performance of all public officials and representatives. It achieves so by combining participative, people-centered methodologies and indigenous practices with curriculum creation, development, and delivery during ETD projects to foster a caring attitude and citizen-centered service delivery focus among public officials. This approach actively emphasizes the application of the Constitution’s principles and ideals, as well as the realization of public administrative justice for all those we serve.

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