National Treasury

By | June 16, 2022

National Treasury

National Treasury

National Treasury

National Treasury

Please note that, as of April 7, 2021, the National Treasury will be using an e-Recruitment System, which means that all applicants must log in/register in order to apply for employment; we will no longer accept applications through email or by hand delivery/post. Certain documents will still need to be uploaded to the system, and they must have a certification date of no more than 6 months (ID, Qualification, etc.).

Please click on the LINK to be taken to the e-Recruitment System.

The Role of the National Treasury

  • South Africa’s national government finances are managed by the National Treasury. Supporting efficient and long-term public financial management is critical for all South Africans to achieve economic development, good governance, social progress, and a rising standard of life. The National Treasury is required by the Republic’s Constitution (Chapter 13) to provide transparency, accountability, and solid financial controls in the management of public funds.
  • The Public Finance Management Act also outlines the National Treasury’s legal mandate (Chapter 2). The responsibilities include promoting the government’s fiscal policy framework, coordinating macroeconomic policy and intergovernmental financial relations, managing the budget preparation process, and facilitating the Division of Revenue Act, which ensures an equitable distribution of federally raised revenue among national, provincial, and local governments, and monitoring the implementation of provincial budgets.
  • They will continue to support the efficient allocation and use of financial resources in all levels of government, as mandated by the executive and Parliament, to eliminate poverty and vulnerability among South Africa’s most marginalized.
  • Increased investment in infrastructure and industrial capital; improved education and skills development to increase productivity; improved market and public entity regulation; and combating poverty and inequality through efficient public service delivery, expanded employment levels, income support, and empowerment are among the National Treasury’s priorities over the next ten years.

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