post office vacancy

By | June 20, 2022

post office vacancy

post office vacancy

post office vacancy

post office vacancy


  • A small manufacturing company in Paarden Eiland is looking for a Bookkeeper and Assistant to join their team.
  • The selected candidate will guarantee that office administrative tasks are managed and maintained, as well as aid with the procurement process and provide support to the company’s MD.
  • The job entails a wide range of duties linked with aiding a small business owner, but mostly the processing of weekly salaries and debtor and creditor follow-up.
  • There is a customer interface, as well as some order processing.



  • – At the end of the month, print bank statements for all bank accounts.
  • – At the end of the month, print your credit card statement, highlight business spending, and attach pertinent slips.
  • – Notify the owner of any deposits so that orders can be completed.
  • – Create a weekly customer balance report and discuss it with the owner.
  • – Respond to questions as they arise.
  • – Create and distribute invoices
  • – At the end of each month, execute a statement run for all clients.
  • – When necessary, notify the Bookkeeper of credits to be transferred to customer accounts.
  • – Complete the new customer account form for the Bookkeeper to add.
  • – Meet with the owner to discuss outstanding debtors.
  • – Maintain constant contact with all debtors and pursue debt throughout the month.


  • – Maintain a cost-conscious attitude in the office by ensuring that logistics function smoothly.
  • – When necessary, conduct research and obtain three estimates from new suppliers.
  • – Submit a signed quote to the supplier and place an order once it’s been accepted.
  • – Ensure that invoices for payments are received.
  • – When needed, send POPs to suppliers.
  • • Address any anomalies discovered in deliveries
  • – Ensure that all supplier invoices are received during the month and that payments are made as soon as possible.
  • – Prepare Supplier Invoices and Statements and send them to the Managing Director for payment on a monthly basis.
  • – Manage and negotiate new supplier account service level agreements (SLAs).
  • – Assist with bids and the importation process.

Administration in general

  • – Respond to phone calls as needed.
  • – Respond to emails at all times of the day
  • – Fill up insurance claim papers and send them to the Managing Director so that he can interact with the insurer.
  • – Ensure that all product codes are supplied to the Bookkeeper so that they can be loaded into the system as needed.
  • – Respond to all inquiries as needed.
  • – Process and manage all online orders on a daily basis.
  • – Ensure that there is enough inventory to fulfill both online and offline orders.
  • – Create and monitor weekly replenishment supply lists.
  • – When the replenished stock needs to be replenished, submit an order request.
  • – As needed, collect and post any things from the post office.
  • – Purchase office supplies on a case-by-case basis.

Administration of Human Resources

  • – Process terminations and ensure that all payroll, unemployment insurance, and HR documentation is completed and issued to terminated employees on their last day of work.
  • – When new employees join the company, create and administer employment contracts.
  • – Work with the seeking employee to complete all loan requests, AODs, and advance documents.
  • – Maintain personnel files and ensure that all notes are recorded.
  • – Ensure that all disciplinary actions are documented and filed.

Assistance to Individuals

  • • Assist the Managing Director with any personal tasks that may arise.
  • – Request estimates when necessary.
  • – Place orders just when they are needed.


  • Ability to strategically develop critical relationships for the company’s advantage
  • In addition, the successful candidate must be extremely accurate and quick when using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Consistent and dependable
  • Excellent organizational, communication, and administrative capabilities

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