Processing Registration Nsfas Meaning 2024-2025

By | June 10, 2022

Processing Registration Nsfas Meaning 2024-2025

Processing Registration Nsfas Meaning 2024-2025

Processing Registration Nsfas Meaning 2024-2025

Processing Registration Nsfas Means The application has been received and will be reviewed by a caseworker at NSFAS to confirm that all required information has been included. At most, it will take 30 days for NSFAS to approve your application. Students are therefore encouraged to continuously check their NSFAS application status a few days after they submit their application for funding. 

How to Re Register for Nsfas

  1. Navigate to login.
  2. Click myNSFAS tab.
  3. Click register.
  4. Tick the box to allow NSFAS to verify your details.
  5. Then capture the ID number as stated on your ID document.
  6. Type in your full names and surname as per your ID number.
  7. Type in your current email address.
  8. Confirm your email address.
  9. Type in your cellphone number.
  10. Create a password.
  11. Confirm password.
  12. Upload ID Copy.
  13. Click register.
  14. You will be sent an OTP to the email and cell number provided (this OTP expires after 24 hours).
  15. Type in the OTP and click Submit.
  16. You have now completed your NSFAS account re-registration.

If you already have an account, you can sign in with your username and password, as well as your Facebook and Google accounts. Remember that, your phone number and email address must be unique to you and cannot be shared.

How to Create NSFAS Account

Applicants can use the above web portal to follow the steps outlined below.

  • To begin, go to the NSFAS website
  • Please select the myNSFAS option in the upper right corner.
  • Register by clicking the register button.
  • To allow NSFAS to verify and validate the information you’ve supplied, select the acceptance option.
  • Please enter your ID number exactly as it appears on your ID card.
  • Please type your given name and surname exactly as they appear on your identification document.
  • Enter your email address as well as your cellphone number. Your email address will be your username.
  • Please create a password and double-check it.
  • Upload a copy of your identification.
  • Register by clicking the register button.
  • A One Time Pin (OTP) will be issued to the email address and cellphone number you supplied when you click register.
  • For the OTP, check your phone and email.
  • In the given tab, type the OTP and click submit.
  • You will then receive a second SMS and email confirming the creation of your myNSFAS account. You are now free to continue working on your application.

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