Project Manager 2023-2024

By | July 4, 2022

Project Manager 2023-2024

Project Manager 2023-2024

Project ManagerĀ 

Project Manager 2023-2024

If you are seeking a job as a Project Manager, the document below will guide you through the steps needed to find and apply for such jobs, and provide tips on how to make sure you are hired.

Project Manager 2023-2024

Job Purpose

  • This job serves as the company’s point of contact with the client representative and is responsible for managing client project management. This job assists the Executive for Project Managers by carrying out mandates that the Company is expected to give and provides project management counsel to the Client.
  • For the benefit of the Company and Client, this job frequently oversees challenging and sizable projects.

Qualification and Experience

  • Building science, civil engineering, construction management, quantity surveying, or real estate development degree or diploma that is pertinent
  • Experience managing construction projects for at least five years, or five years in any field related to the built environment
    experience with social housing or the residential market
  • knowledge of running professional and contract teams
  • Experience in contracts and project management
  • a PrCPM registered with SACPCMP


to perform the specified scope of services for professional construction project managers as set forth by SACPCMP. This encompasses but is not limited to
  • Creating the Project Brief
  • Plan the development, implementation, and monitoring of the project
  • Establish, put into practice, and keep an eye on adherence to the methods and strategy for project procurement
  • Create agreements for clients or professionals.
  • Develop and oversee a development program.
  • From concept through completion of the building stage, track the evolution of the design, cost, and financial model.
  • Prepare and keep an eye on the building and development cashflow
  • Organize cost- and value-engineering meetings for the client, the expert team, and the contractor
  • Track the development and application of the baseline risk assessment, the health and safety requirements, and the environmental management plan.
  • Engagement of Stakeholders and Management (external, internal, and community)
  • Conduct client, design, and site meetings and take minutes.
  • Prepare the construction schedule and project paperwork.
  • With Professional Quantity, create project tender packages. Assess submitted tenders and create award letters, surveyor
  • Create contracts for suppliers, subcontractors, and contractors.
  • Examine, rule on, and pay out contractual claims
  • Examine and accept Contractor-produced Construction Documentation Schedule
  • Examine and accept Certificates of monthly progress payments
  • Make a monthly report on the status of your project.
  • Release Sectional, Practical, and Final Completion Certificates
  • Create a project closure report.
  • Stakeholder Management and Participation (external, internal, and community)
  • Initiate, lead, and document client, design, and site meetings.
  • Create the project paperwork and the construction schedule.
  • Create project tender submissions using Professional Quantity Assessed tenders are judged by the surveyor, who also creates award letters.
  • make supplier, contractor, and contractor contracts
  • Review, decide, and pay out claims made under contracts.
  • Review and accept the Schedule for Construction Documentation created by the Contractor
  • Review and accept Progress reports for each month
  • Report on the status of your projects every month.
  • Certificates of Sectional, Practical, and Final Completion shall be issued.
  • make a report on the project’s completion

Quality Management

  • Inform the professional and contractor teams of the company’s quality management, assurance, and control procedures.
  • In the design and construction phases, implement, review, control, and manage project quality.
  • Implement ongoing evaluation of the site and office environments’ project management quality processes.

Project & Construction Management

  • From the start of the project to the end of the liability term for the defect, manage and control every aspect of it.
  • Review your program’s progress each week and compare it to what was expected.
  • Recover project time delays by putting corrective action plans into action.
  • Conduct analyses of time delay extensions and provide recommendations to the customer.
  • Regular site inspections to check on construction quality, progress, safety issues, coordination problems at interfaces, etc.
  • Value engineering services should be made available to keep project costs within budget.
  • Control project costs to give the client accurate reporting.
  • Finish the project on time and in accordance with the client’s demands and expectations.

Essential Skills and Competencies

  • Important Knowledge and Competencies 
  • Organizational and Planning Skills
  • Skills in People Management
  • Leadership Talent
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking Capabilities
  • Skills in Problem Solving
  • Ability to Make Decisions
  • Budget and Cost Management Skills
  • willingness to put in extended hours when necessary
  • a capacity for pressured work
  • Understanding of construction contracts, including PROCSA, JBCC, NEC, and GCC
    understanding of building design methods
  • Understanding of construction methods, building materials, and finishing techniques
    understanding of cost and financial factors

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