Public Enterprises

By | June 16, 2022

Public Enterprises

Public Enterprises

Public Enterprises

Public Enterprises

  • The Office of Public Enterprises (OPE) was founded in 1994 with the mission of championing and directing the restructuring of State-Owned Companies (SOCs) and ensuring their optimal economic and developmental impact. In 1999, the OPE was upgraded and renamed the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE), a National Government Department, in order to expedite the restructuring of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).
  • The DPE is the Government’s shareholder representative and is charged by the Executive with overseeing a number of SOCs that operate in key economic areas such as mining, defense, energy, logistics, and others. The DPE serves as the principal link between the government and the SOCs in question, providing oversight as well as input into policy, law, and regulation.


  • By focusing on operational excellence, commercial viability, and fiscal conservatism, we can create an enabling climate in which SOCs may offer genuine economic value. This will help to achieve developmental goals, such as industrialization, job generation, and skill development.


To offer clear strategic direction and control to the Department’s Special Operations Commands (SOCs), with the goal of ensuring that:

  • Their operating models keep pace with global development and innovation;
  • they provide reliable, high-quality,
  • and cost-effective services and infrastructure to industry and our citizens;
  • they secure investment and funding for strategic industrial development;
  • and they align with national developmental objectives.


  • The DPE is responsible for government shareholder monitoring and is currently tasked by the Executive Authority with overseeing core strategic State-Owned Companies. DPE serves as the principal link between the government and the affected SOCs, providing input into policy, law, and regulation. Currently, there is no constitutional requirement for the DPE. Proclamation No. 82 of 1999 establishes the DPE as a government department.


  • There are currently no open positions.

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