Relief Blood Bank Technologist 2 2023-2024

By | July 20, 2022

Relief Blood Bank Technologist 2 2023-2024

Relief Blood Bank Technologist 2 2023-2024

Relief Blood Bank Technologist 2 2023-2024

If you are seeking a job as a Relief Blood Bank Technologist 2, the document below will guide you through the steps needed to find and apply for such jobs, and provide tips on how to make sure you are hired.

  • Currently, there is a position available for a blood bank technician. The position holder will carry out standard blood bank testing tasks like compatibility, postnatal, and early transfusion reaction investigations. Check and validate test results produced by registered blood bank technicians, trainee technicians, and student technologists.

duties and obligations

Important Performance Metrics

  • operational goals and specific technical skills
    Risk and quality objectives
    Maintaining client relationships is necessary for Instruments and Laboratories.

Special Conditions:

The requirements for the job are as follows:

  • Weekend and evening shifts as needed as noted on the roster, as well as irregular local and international travel
  • It is necessary to be mobile, strong, and physically fit overall.
    Since everyone has good vision and is aware of details, color blindness is impossible.

operational goals

  • technical duties of specialists
    Risk and quality objectives
    Customer Support for Laboratory and Instrument Maintenance

Special Conditions:

Specifications for the Position:

  • Eventually, as necessary
    responsibilities for the weekend and the night shift
    Travel both domestically and internationally is occasionally necessary.

Individual requirements

  • general physical fitness, as well as adequate endurance and mobility
  • One cannot be colorblind.
  • They must have a keen eye for detail and good vision.


  • System-wide Blood Grouping Laboratory Capabilities

Principles of Excellence in Administrative Capabilities:

  • customer service is given top priority
    superior ethical conduct acceptance of diversity

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