Senior Lecturer (Faculty of Humanities: Department of Social Work) 2023-2024

By | July 5, 2022

Senior Lecturer (Faculty of Humanities: Department of Social Work) 2023-2024

Senior Lecturer (Faculty of Humanities: Department of Social Work) 2023-2024

Senior Lecturer (Faculty of Humanities: Department of Social Work) 

Senior Lecturer (Faculty of Humanities: Department of Social Work) 2023-2024

If you are seeking a job as a Senior Lecturer (Faculty of Humanities: Department of Social Work), the document below will guide you through the steps needed to find and apply for such jobs, and provide tips on how to make sure you are hired.

Senior Lecturer (Faculty of Humanities: Department of Social Work) 2023-2024

  • The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is a lively and multicultural institution rooted in Africa and guided by a strong strategy aimed at achieving worldwide excellence and status (GES). UJ is an international university of choice, with a focus on independent thinking, sustainable development, and strategic partnerships. The Vice-vision Chancellor of “Positioning UJ in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in the context of Africa’s changing social, political, and economic fortunes” guides the University.

Duties & Responsibilities

The University of Johannesburg Council has proclaimed the university a required vaccination site in accordance with the applicable regulation ( All applications and job offers are contingent on compliance with the policy.

  • The mission of the University of Johannesburg’s Social Work and Community Development Department is to be a center of excellence in social work and community development education, committed to social justice and human development in an African environment. In our curriculum, we adhere to the social development concept and are constantly striving for a decolonial education.

Job Description:

  • The goal of this position is to teach social work at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels within the Department of Social Work and Community Development.


  • In the Bachelor’s program, teach social work subjects.
    Clinical social work subjects are taught at the Masters’s level.
    Classes for social work internships should be made more accessible.
    Conduct your own research and submit publications in reputable journals.
    Tutor postgraduate students
    Participate in relevant community engagement
    Share academic and administrative responsibilities appropriately with an academic level

Desired Experience & Qualification

  • A bachelor’s degree in social work
    Ph.D. in clinical social work master’s degree
    At least three years of post-qualifying social work practice
    At least three years of experience in higher education teaching, supervision, and evaluation, as well as a defined teaching philosophy and proof or instances of how this philosophy is implemented in practice
    At least two DoHET publishing units on macro concerns and/or practice
Competencies and Behavioural Attributes:
  • Knowledge of social work theory and procedures
    Knowledge of research procedures
    Clinical social work expertise
    Interpersonal and leadership abilities are required.
    Other academic skills include teaching.
    Management abilities include networking, conflict resolution, and quality assurance.
    Administrative abilities
    Supervision abilities
  • Experience in clinical social work practice after graduation
  • Evidence of substantial contribution in the larger sector (e.g., national, or international social work, academic or research niche domains)


  • Inquiries about job content should be sent to Prof Adrian D. van Breda at (011) 559-5521.
    Inquiries about compensation and benefits should be sent to Lungisa Zihlangu at (011) 559-2956. (HCM Business Partner)

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