Senior Software Developer 2 2023-2024

By | July 21, 2022

Senior Software Developer 2 2023-2024

Senior Software Developer 2 2023-2024

Senior Software Developer 2 2023-2024

If you are seeking a job as a  Senior Software Developer, the document below will guide you through the steps needed to find and apply for such jobs, and provide tips on how to make sure you are hired.


  • A La Lucia-based financial services company is looking for the ideal candidate to fill a Senior Software Developer position to fit their creative and dynamic work environment.

Principal Goal

  • The candidate will participate in our strategic development initiatives, which include the execution and implementation of Salesforce delivery projects in accordance with our standards, policies, procedures, and governance guidelines, as well as in the development, maintenance, and support of our current enterprise applications and frameworks. By analyzing business requirements, defining technical tasks, creating high-quality software, carrying out end-to-end testing, and providing support and troubleshooting for technical queries and our software problems, the Senior Developer meets the technical needs of our stakeholders.

Duties & Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create and keep internal solutions
  • To follow coding best practices, write code in the environments and technologies that the company has specified.
  • adhere to the IT selections made by the company for its technologies, development environments, and management methodologies.
  • Develop your skills within the architecture of companies
  • whenever necessary, research new technologies, and report on them.
  • Implement system upgrades to address business needs.
  • Use the recommendations in the specifications
  • Fix system bugs and errors in current systems Give precise effort and cost estimates for code changes
  • Follow project plans
  • Make every effort to complete tasks by the deadlines specified in the project plans.
  • Make every effort to complete tasks by the deadlines specified in the project plans.
  • Observe task allocations and prioritizations for project management Maintain technical rigor in the IT environment.
  • Communicate with the business as needed
  • Display a culture of personal development and leadership, as well as a forward-thinking attitude toward technology and your career.
  • follows Agile principles through work outputs and behavior, adhering to Agile methodologies
    champions’ team education
  • works in a cross-functional team with colleagues from various disciplines to deliver solutions.
  • Ensures alignment and value to the customer by working in partnership with business representatives (such as the product owner and business owner).
  • Participate in internal discussion groups, specification and design meetings, and developer forums.
  • Conduct technical research as and when necessary.
  • assist IT development team members with their internal technical learning and growth

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