SHERQ Officer 2023-2024

By | July 7, 2022

SHERQ Officer 2023-2024

SHERQ Officer 2023-2024

SHERQ Officer 

SHERQ Officer 2023-2024

If you are seeking a job as a SHERQ Officer, the document below will guide you through the steps needed to find and apply for such jobs, and provide tips on how to make sure you are hired.

SHERQ Officer 2023-2024

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  • The Company’s Health and Safety Policies and Procedures are coordinated and monitored by the SHERQ Officer, who reports to the QA Manager. The position’s responsibilities include monitoring SHERQ compliance, attending safety meetings and reporting on safety issues, and conducting site audits to assure statutory and regulatory compliance.
  • The SHERQ Officer oversees and takes part in the audit and review of risk assessments, as well as the investigation of incidents, accidents, and near-misses. The SHERQ Officer keeps track of and updates all pertinent administrative responsibilities for the SHERQ department while monitoring the application of Safe Work Procedures.

Your capacity for a load will be:

  • Create and maintain safety files and other project-related files.
    Identify risk mitigation strategies and conduct pre-implementation risk assessments as necessary.
    Offer suggestions for SHERQ improvement, suggested corrective action, needed resources for corrective action, and a plan of implementation for NCRs issued.
    Follow-up is done to make sure standards are met and corrective actions are taken when necessary.
    Report instances of employee misconduct or subpar performance where recurrent issues are not being handled in accordance with SHERQ specifications.
    SHE Committee Meetings should be held (plan, schedule, and review).
    As a representative of the SHERQ/QA department of the Company, attend meetings as necessary.
    Investigation and Remedial Measures Reporting.
    Investigate the underlying reasons for SHE complaints made by employees, etc., and inform the QA Manager
  • Prepare all SHERQ-related documentation and organize, take part in, and investigate incidents, accidents, and near-misses.
    Manage and administer any RMA claims.
  • Create SHERQ reports, statistics, and presentations about performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
    To maintain the highest level of preparedness in any event, make sure frequent emergency response exercises and drills are undertaken. Keep track of these drills and offer suggestions for bettering emergency response.
    Control the routine testing of emergency response, safety, and firefighting tools at workplaces.
    help in the creation and implementation of emergency response protocols and evacuation plans for the workplace. Make sure that these plans are constantly reviewed and updated.
    Make sure that visitors and personnel are informed of the emergency plans, and keep training and induction registers up to date.
    Publish thorough audit reports that include the results. Identify non-conformities and offer remedies to stop them from happening again. Keep an eye on and evaluate the corrective actions that
  • SHERQ standards, requirements, policies, and processes should be reviewed and amended before being approved.
    For jobs as and when necessary, establish and monitor safe work practices, standard operating procedures, and safe work instructions. Ensure compliance and ongoing improvement.
    arranging and coordinating employee training on SHERQ. (Reservations, making payments, etc.)Plan, arrange, assemble, and carry out orientation and safety training. Find, develop, and deliver training programs that increase employee awareness and help employees and managers perform their jobs safely.

    Perform any other job-related tasks and obligations that management may from time to time impose.

  • Workplace settings include a factory, warehouse, and office setting, and they may call for the weekend and/or late hours. Operating machinery and tools necessitate the use of safety gear, such as but not restricted to hard hats, work boots, hearing protectors, and eye protection. As per the company’s health and safety policies, safety precautions must constantly be taken.

The cooperative person we need is:

  • Any other qualification that is equivalent, such as a national diploma in occupational health and safety, environmental management, risk management, or quality management. SAMTRAC
    a thorough understanding of ISO 9001:2015
    5 or more years of experience working as a SHEQ officer.
    Level 2 First Aid Certification.
    Certification in firefighting.
    comprehensive knowledge of the rules governing health, safety, the environment, risk, and quality in manufacturing.
    Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel) proficiency, among other things.
  • A strong ability to communicate in English both orally and in writing is required for reports, meetings, and status reports.
    a focus on the details.
    skills in analysis, critical thought, and problem-solving.
    being able to cope in a fast-paced, demanding setting.
    a lot of expertise in putting preventative and corrective actions into action.

The entire package:
Salary is based on the market and is adjustable.

  • mandatory provident fund as of the fourth month of employment.

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Sounds like a perfect match, no?

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  • We regretfully won’t contact anyone beyond the selection of candidates due to the large volume of CVs.

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