unesco jobs 2023-2024

By | June 27, 2022

unesco jobs 2023-2024

unesco jobs 2023-2024

unesco jobs 

unesco jobs 2023-2024

Rosebank College

Head Academic Operations

Duties & Responsibilities

Key Performance Area:

Timetabling & Resource Planning:

  • Responsible for creating the final synchronized Campus Timetable based on input from all Program Managers.
  • Responsible for establishing test and exam schedules based on input from all Program Managers and working closely with the National Office;
  • To safeguard the Campus Timetable’s integrity by ensuring that all role-players adhere to the approved Timetable;
  • It is your responsibility to record the Campus Timetable in SAM/CAMS.


  • Liaise with NAT on all assessment queries; Liaise with NAT on all assessment packages; Ensure IIE Assessment Policies and National Processes are followed;
  • Venue selection for tests and exams;
  • Invigilator training; managing the marking and moderation process; overseeing mark capture and verification; oversight and planning of the CASS release process; IIE/National Telecoms and reporting
  • Consult with and ensure compliance with foreign students;
  • Certification and re-issue requests, as well as academic reports;
  • Assessment Duplication and Security;
  • Chairman of the Assessments Committee;

Bursary Students:

  • Manage the application and allocation procedure for bursaries.
  • Manage the activities of Bursary Students in accordance with the schedule;
  • Monitor and follow the academic achievement of Bursary Students, and intervene as needed.
  • Report on the actions of all Bursary Students;

Student Council:

  • Manage Student Council activities in accordance with the strategy;
  • Provide an account of all Student Council actions;
  • Create and carry out a Student Leadership Development Plan;
  • Create a mentoring program for the Student Council;


  • In charge of the logistical arrangements for holding the Graduation Ceremony:
  • Securing the site; layout and procedure flow at the venue; signed-off list of graduates
  • Finalization of Attendee Décor and Flowers; Guest Speaker
  • Photographer and Gowns
  • Report on Graduation Wrap-Up

Desired Experience & Qualification

  • A Bachelor’s/Honours/Degree Master’s is required.

Work History:

  • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in the teaching and learning profession, preferably lecturing in a tertiary setting.

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