unisa courses economic and management sciences 2024-2025

By | August 30, 2022

unisa courses economic and management sciences 2024-2025

unisa courses economic and management sciences 2024-2025

unisa courses economic and management sciences 2024-2025

Learn more about unisa courses economic and management sciences 2024-2025.

College of Economic & Management Sciences

Qualifications for the world of work

  • The College of Economic and Management Sciences at Unisa, the largest business education provider in Africa and one of the largest in the world, significantly contributes to the supply of top talent for the private and public sectors.
    Currently, the institution enrolls about 70 000 students each year for formal qualifications and another 30 000 for short learning programs.
  • Students from CEMS receive one out of every four BCom degrees conferred by South African universities, and in the previous five years, this College has graduated nearly half of students with honors degrees and 30% of those with masters and doctoral degrees.
  • The college consistently engages in extensive research in both the commercial and public sectors to determine the relevance and usefulness of its degrees and courses. Through articulation, learning opportunities for all students from certificates to advanced postgraduate degrees and even doctoral level, lifelong learning is ensured.


  • The college’s credentials are generally acknowledged. According to a recent study by the Bureau of Market Research, 86% of employers hired CEMS graduates due to the high caliber of their credentials.
  • Eighty percent of businesses said the CEMS qualifications are reliable and of high quality. They expressed satisfaction with the traits and abilities fostered by the ODeL nature of graduates’ education and claimed that CEMS alums typically “hit the ground running” after six months of employment.
  • Anywhere you are, learn while having help.
  • Students have the option to study while working and gain experience through distance learning. They can learn anywhere there is the Internet. This does not imply that students must struggle through the difficulties of online learning alone.
  • In addition to other services provided by Unisa and the college, lecturers also offer support. The most significant is myUnisa, a virtual campus or online learning site. Additionally, students have access to online discussion boards where they can interact with their professors and fellow students. Students have access to career and study advisers who can direct them on their learning path, and content-specific e-tutors are also available online to help.
  • Distance learning provides excellent opportunities for both upskilling for immediate requirements and lifelong learning.
  • The College of Economic and Management Sciences’ mission is to offer all of its stakeholders high-caliber, relevant, and useful qualifications, excellent instruction, and professional, considerate, and appreciated customer service.
  • Nine departments across three schools provide instruction and research opportunities.

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