Unisa Rpl Application Form 2024-2025

By | July 22, 2022

Unisa Rpl Application Form 2024-2025

Unisa Rpl Application Form 2024-2025

Unisa Rpl Application Form 2024-2025

Fill out the RPL application form, gather the required paperwork, and show proof of application fee payment. Directly send the RPL academic coordinator the completed RPL application form and any accompanying documentation.RPL credits are awarded based on documentation of prior learning. RPL credits are given for the pertinent knowledge acquired through experience, not only for the experience itself.

  1. Contact details.
  2. Understanding RPL.
  3. The RPL process – CHECK LIST. …
  4. Step 1: Check current student number for validity or apply for admission to Unisa. …
  5. Step 2: Identify modules for RPL credit. …
  6. Step 3: Complete RPL application and provide supporting documents and proof of payment of.
  7. Step 4: Submit documents to the University.

How To Apply

  • Go to the Unisa registration website: http://registration.unisa.ac.za
  • Choose the qualification level and then click “Go“.
  • Enter your student number in the block provided and the other details as required. (If you don’t have a student number you won’t be able to continue. You’ll need to apply online for admission.)
  • Check your personal details on the screen. Change any contact details that are missing or incorrect. It is very important to provide your correct address and cellphone numbers. Incorrect information may delay the delivery of your study material and prevent you from receiving important information from the university.
  • Click on the modules from the drop-down list for which you want to register. Ensure that you meet all the qualification requirements for your selected modules. You must
    • meet all the pre-requisites and co-requisites for the selected module
    • enter the correct module code
    • select the correct semester (1 = first semester; 2 = second semester)

    * The language of tuition for each module is indicated in the module information.

  • Do not exceed the prescribed number of modules per semester or year, as this may result in a delay in your registration being processed. Unisa retains the right to remove modules based on the number of credits allowed per semester and in accordance with the fees paid. Please take note of the maximum period of time you have to complete your qualification.
  • Calculate your fees
    • Use the fee quotation link on the Unisa website (http://www.unisa.ac.za/feequote) to obtain a quote for the cost of your modules.
    • Note the minimum fee that must be paid before Unisa will process your registration. If these fees are more than you can afford, remove modules until you can afford the fees.
    • You can make payment online, using a credit card at http://www.unisa.ac.za/feepayment.
    • If you don’t have a credit card, you can pay at a First National Bank branch. Retain your proof of payment in case of enquiries.
  • Submit your registration

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