unisa year courses 2024-2025

By | August 25, 2022

unisa year courses 2024-2025

unisa year courses 2024-2025

unisa year courses 2024-2025

Learn about unisa year courses 2024-2025.

Are you at the stage in your career when you need to develop particular abilities necessary for a new leap in your career advancement? Short courses are in fact a quicker route to completing a career path since their strength in skilled labor recruitment cannot be overstated. This comprehensive selection of UNISA short courses will assist you in choosing the appropriate career path.

How do short courses work? Short courses, also known as short learning programs (SLPs), are short-term courses that enable individuals, organizations, or the community to meet a necessary qualification demand by providing only the concise courses and concentration required with the proper study methodologies.

Additionally, these courses focus on specific skills required by an individual or organization for improved ability to carry out ideal job duties.

Knowing this, the University of South Africa (UNISA) offers a number of short-term programs that span a wide range of professions. Additionally, I have thoroughly outlined all UNISA short courses for 2021, their costs, and prerequisites in this post.

Just scroll down to your field of study to see short courses relevant to your job from this comprehensive list of UNISA short courses that have been organized by colleges.

Unisa’s Short Learning Programmes

The Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) at Unisa are designed to provide “just in time” and “just enough” learning to address a particular learning need that has been identified by an individual, an organization, or the general public. SLPs are provided by centers housed inside the various academic divisions of colleges. Each program includes information on the content and contact information. You can send inquiries to ucl@unisa.ac.za as well. Only a few programs will allow online applications as part of an experimental effort. In 2024, additional programs will be added.

Registrations & Applications:

  • from January 2024, until February 2024 (Semester courses)
  • from January 2024, until March 2024 (Year courses)

Only a few Short Learning Programmes are available for online applications.

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