Walter Sisulu University Online Application 2023-2024

By | April 3, 2023

Walter Sisulu University Online Application 2023-2024

Walter Sisulu University Online Application 2023-2024

Walter Sisulu University Online Application 2023-2024

In the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, Walter Sisulu University (WSU) is a comprehensive university with four campuses in Mthatha, East London, Butterworth, and Komani. WSU offers a scope of undergrad and postgraduate projects across various resources, including wellbeing sciences, humanities, instruction, science and innovation, business and the board sciences, and regulation.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses:

  • WSU’s various faculties offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses. Bachelor’s degrees in nursing, social work, education, law, science, and technology are offered as undergraduate courses at WSU. Master’s and doctoral degrees in a variety of fields, including education, health sciences, and law, are offered as postgraduate courses.


  • Each of WSU’s faculties offers a wide range of courses in a variety of areas. Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Technology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Business, Management Sciences, and Law are all examples of these faculties.


  • Mthatha, East London, Butterworth, and Komani are the four main WSU campuses. Mthatha is the primary campus, with its own distinct culture and academic offerings.

Student Tuition Fees:

  • The tuition at WSU varies by course and program level. The university provides students with a variety of payment options for annual fees.

How to Apply:

  • Through the university’s online application portal, prospective students can submit an online application to WSU. The online application procedure is straightforward and user-friendly, and applicants can monitor their application’s progress online.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Requirements:

  • Candidates must have a National Senior Certificate (NSC) and a minimum APS score of 28 to be admitted to WSU’s undergraduate programs. Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification to apply to postgraduate programs.

APS and NBTs:

  • Admission Point Score (APS) and National Senior Certificate (NSC) results are used by WSU to determine eligibility for undergraduate programs. For some courses, the university also requires applicants to take the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs).

Application Prospectus and Application Forms:

  • On the university’s website, prospective students can access WSU’s application prospectus and application forms. The plan contains data on the college’s scholastic projects, confirmation prerequisites, expenses, and other significant subtleties.

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