Water Affairs and Sanitation

By | June 16, 2022

Water Affairs and Sanitation

Water Affairs and Sanitation

Water Affairs and Sanitation

Water Affairs and Sanitation

  • The Department of Water and Sanitation is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer. The Department intends to enhance representativeness in the Public Service by filling this position, and candidates whose transfer, promotion, or appointment will promote representativeness will be given preference. Candidates who indicate this will have their applications processed faster. Applicants from the represented groups shall be considered if no appropriate candidates from the under-represented groups can be found.
  • Short-listed candidates must agree to go through the standard vetting and verification procedures, which include a competency assessment and a personality profile analysis.
  • Applications must be filed on form Z83, which may be obtained from any Public Service department, and must be accompanied by a detailed CV and certified copies of credentials.


  • Applications received after the deadline, as well as faxed or emailed applications, will not be reviewed or accepted.
    Only short-listed candidates will be contacted; if you do not hear from us within six weeks of the closing date, consider your application failed.

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DWS Career Management is pleased to welcome you.

  • Career Management at the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) is a solution to specific scarcity and technical skill-related difficulties that both the Department and the National Water Sector are facing. Career Management is dedicated to the program’s efficient administration, ensuring a prompt reaction to the perceived and impending issue of skills shortages within DWS and the South African water sector.
  • Career Management’s immediate goals are to prevent a skills deficit within DWS due to the retirement of senior engineering and technical management staff. Career Management will lead a long-term drive to ensure a consistent supply of high-level skills in water-related science, engineering, and management.
  • Career Management’s scope of activity includes the public outreach and public understanding of the water sector, as well as supporting academic and vocational training programs in South Africa and incubating specifically professionally trained black and female employees within DWS.
  • Academic programs are supported by Career Management through bursaries and experiential training (Learner Interns). Young, inexperienced graduates (Graduate Trainees) are also accommodated in a mentoring program that involves on-the-job training, active involvement and participation in real-time initiatives, and attendance at specialized training interventions, among other things.

The goal of the initiative is to:

  • DWS has skill deficiencies in specific technical areas.
  • The complete water supply value chain has skills deficiencies.
  • Planning and capacity-building for DWS’s and the water sector’s immediate, medium, and long-term demands.

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