what is an nqf level 8 qualification 2024-2025

By | August 30, 2022

what is an nqf level 8 qualification 2024-2025

what is an nqf level 8 qualification 2024-2025

what is an nqf level 8 qualification 2024-2025

Get to know what nqf 8 qualification is from this post. Read on.

nqf levels table

  • Qualification requires a specific number of credits broken into smaller pieces. Unisa’s undergraduate courses normally contain 12 credits. Each module corresponds to a specific NQF level. A 360-credit bachelor’s degree, for example, is comprised of 30 modules of 12 credits each.

A bachelor’s degree could include

  • 8 to 10 NQF level 5 modules, each earning 12 credits;
  • 10 to 12 NQF level 6 modules, each worth 12 credits
  • 10 NQF level 7 modules worth 12 credits each

How Do I Determine My NQF Level?

Look at the table below to determine your NQF Level:

NQF Level Qualification
NQF Level 1 Grade 9 or GETC: ABET Level 4
NQF Level 2 Grade 10 or N (C) V Level 2
NQF Level 3 Grade 11 or N (C) V Level 3
NQF Level 4 Grade 12 or Matric Equivalent Certificates or N (C) V Level 4
NQF Level 5 Higher Certificates
NQF Level 6 Diploma or Advanced Certificates
NQF Level 7 Advanced Diplomas or Bachelor’s Degrees
NQF Level 8 Post Graduate Diplomas or Honours Degrees
NQF Level 9 Masters Degrees
NQF Level 10 Doctoral Degrees
What exactly is a NQF level 8 qualification?
  • Level 8 is an Honours Degree earned after successfully completing an honors program at a higher education institution. A Masters Degree is at Level 9. This is given to students who have completed a Master’s program in their chosen faculty.
NQF 8 is worth how many credits?
Minimum of 480 characters
  • Registered on NQF Exit Level 7 with a minimum of 360 credits Professional qualifications, with a minimum of 480 credits, are registered on the NQF Exit Level 8.

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